Definition of fast lane in English:

fast lane


  • 1A lane of a motorway or dual carriageway for use by traffic that is overtaking or moving more quickly than the rest.

    • ‘Those drivers who pull half out into the fast lane when approaching road works in an effort to stop cheeky folk from sneaking past must be consumed by some terrible, dangerous anger.’
    • ‘He ran a hand through his hair and pulled into the fast lane on the freeway.’
    • ‘The feed lane goes straight into the fast lane - I mean - have you ever heard of the like?’
    • ‘All three lanes were blocked but the fast lane was re-opened after 15 minutes to allow traffic to flow.’
    • ‘Motorway signs indicated that the middle and fast lanes were closed ahead and the three vehicles moved to the slow lane and began to reduce their speed.’
    • ‘Its boundaries have become blurred, reduced to a completely useless and arbitrary sign along the fast lane or the shoulder of a highway.’
    • ‘If there is someone slower than you already overtaking in the middle lane you move into the fast lane.’
    • ‘Realising that this is leading to fuel wastage, of late, the car pool concept is gaining popularity, with such cars enjoying the privilege of speeding on the fast lanes of highways.’
    • ‘‘The new bus lane will enable buses to use the fast lanes instead of the slow ones in order to avoid traffic congestion,’ he said.’
    • ‘The problem is, what if the engine stops while he is already on the fast lane of a nearby toll road?’
    • ‘While driving through Kingston, Jen tried to light a cigarette while driving, and we spun out of the fast lane at 120 kph, across three lanes of oncoming traffic, and backwards into a ditch.’
    • ‘Speeding should be left on the race track not the local high housing estate or the fast lane of the motorway.’
    • ‘Would we all be scared off the fast lane of Britain's motorways by Ferraris traveling at over 200 mph?’
    • ‘A tripartite agreement will be signed for executing the project and operating the fast lane highway.’
    • ‘It is just to put the brakes on, to make sure we are not pulling into the fast lane of the motorway.’
    • ‘Reuben thought it was adorable, although Felix's driving began to scare him a little when he switched into the fast lane on the highway.’
    • ‘One morning I saw a guy galloping down the fast lane of the motorway on a horse!’
    • ‘In the UK, when your car passes another one on the motorway you must move into the fast lane to achieve this.’
    • ‘The fast lane of certain streets would be marked and only new buses would be allowed to travel in these lanes.’
    • ‘One frustrated lorry driver pulled into the fast lane to overtake the convoy.’
    1. 1.1 A situation in which life is hectic or highly pressured.
      ‘his face showed the strain of a life lived in the fast lane’
      as modifier ‘a youth culture of fast-lane living’
      exciting, stimulating, thrilling, fascinating, high profile, dazzling, glittering, glossy, tinselled
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  • life in the fast lane

    • An exciting and eventful lifestyle, especially one bringing wealth and success.

      ‘he's shunning life in the fast lane for the green grass of home’


fast lane