Definition of fast break in English:

fast break


  • A swift attack from a defensive position in basketball, soccer, and other ball games.

    as modifier ‘the best fast-break team in the League’
    • ‘To execute a successful fast break it is necessary to have good positioning on the defensive backboard.’
    • ‘She is your last bastion of defense if the opponent recovers the ball and tries a fast break.’
    • ‘Driving, dishing and pulling up for 3-pointers on fast breaks, he either scored or assisted on eight of Dallas' first nine field goals.’
    • ‘Otherwise, they will take so long getting into position that a fast break is impossible.’
    • ‘This running includes sprinting up and down the court on fast breaks, chasing players cross-court, breaking through picks, and scampering behind a series of screens to get a shot off.’
    • ‘The theory proposed here is not to race the ball upcourt looking for a fast break basket.’
    • ‘They play a low-tempo game and don't run the fast break very often.’
    • ‘He can catch and shoot, can shoot off the dribble and can dunk in the fast break.’
    • ‘But for the most part, our defense did an excellent job of containing their fast breaks and things like that.’
    • ‘Our University basketball team is a good team when on a fast break but as soon as the play is slowed down we go to pieces.’
    • ‘They were able to get easy baskets on the fast break with regularity.’
    • ‘That is, putting up a quick three pointer or forcing a shot before your offense has a chance to set up will lead to tons of fast break opportunities at other end for your opponent.’
    • ‘For example, if a coach has slow players, the fast break is out of the question.’
    • ‘A lot of people don't give us credit for that but if the fast break game is not working we'll do something else and we did an excellent job of that.’
    • ‘Get back into the 22 defense very quickly to offset a fast break possibility.’
    • ‘The stars of women's professional basketball are making fast breaks on the courts as well as in the children's publishing field.’
    • ‘They cheer at jet-engine volume whenever he fades away for a jumper or throws down a thundering dunk off of a fast break.’
    • ‘Their defensive concentration is not distracted by anticipation of a fast break.’
    • ‘Instead of focusing on running fast breaks and shooting the ball, NBA teams have turned to weight training and long, drawn-out, half-court sets.’
    • ‘If your defense is great, you should be scoring off fast breaks and transitions.’