Definition of fast and furious in English:

fast and furious

Pronunciation /fast (ə)n(d) ˈfjʊərɪəs//fɑːst (ə)n(d) ˈfjʊərɪəs/


  • 1Very rapidly:

    ‘my heart was beating fast and furious’
  • 2Eagerly; uproariously.

    • ‘The result is that, in the animal community, the e-mails and phone calls have run fast and furious.’
    • ‘Now, clearly, the ridiculousness is flying pretty fast and furious here.’
    • ‘In all this war talk, in all my efforts to get the news out fast and furious, I forgot how to write.’
    • ‘The book was actually written by a ghost writer who's used to pumping out the words fast and furious, and published by a firm that specialises in topical interest books, so the whole process had to be quick.’
    • ‘Since donations have been coming so fast and furious, I'd like to take a moment and tell y'all more of the plan and answer some questions.’
    • ‘These books are coming fast and furious, and I only have so many hours in the day.’
    • ‘Sounds easy enough, but then the decisions come fast and furious.’
    • ‘I mean, my understanding was is that they've been negotiating this fast and furious.’
    • ‘Information is flying out of the Vatican fast and furious these days and I don't always keep up.’
    • ‘Names are flying fast and furious, but the short list is shrinking by the hour.’
    • ‘And, on stiletto heels, as if they were well-oiled heels, she led us fast and furious into the far corner of the restaurant.’
    • ‘Out in the back the prunus trees have dropped the last of their blossoms and are now growing leaves fast and furious.’
    • ‘As expected, accusations flew fast and furious.’
    • ‘And the data come flying fast and furious, occasionally making some inescapable points.’
    • ‘The initial drug treatment, while rescuing me from a frankly rather parlous state, was necessarily hard and harsh, smacking in the pills fast and furious to treat everything that might conceivably be wrong.’
    • ‘They came fast and furious and have been unrelenting.’
    • ‘Once callers knew they would be anonymous, the calls came in fast and furious.’
    • ‘It wasn't long before the ideas were flowing fast and furious.’
    • ‘Obviously, as you can imagine, the charges and countercharges are flying fast and furious.’
    • ‘Cancellations come in fast and furious during the holidays, so I knew, barring an emergency, I could probably be out of the office by four o'clock.’


  • Full of rapid action; lively and exciting:

    ‘the game was fast and furious’
    frantic, wild, frenetic, hectic, fraught, feverish, fevered, mad, crazed, manic, hyperactive, energetic, intense, turbulent, tumultuous
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fast and furious

/fast (ə)n(d) ˈfjʊərɪəs//fɑːst (ə)n(d) ˈfjʊərɪəs/