Definition of fashionably in English:



  • In a manner characteristic of, influenced by, or representing a current popular style or trend.

    ‘an elegant and fashionably dressed woman’
    ‘fashionably refurbished flats’
    • ‘The author, like so many writers of popular biography, is guilty of being fashionably irreverent toward her subject.’
    • ‘But even the fashionably challenged me can tell that these clothes are cool.’
    • ‘A woman of twenty, wildly spiky black hair fashionably flowing in the breeze, drove speedily throughout the city.’
    • ‘She was an attractive brunette, fashionably attired and coiffed.’
    • ‘Production-wise, the designer keeps the stage cold, sleek and fashionably minimal.’
    • ‘He had wild blonde hair, fashionably untamed.’
    • ‘Soft ringlets had been pinned up fashionably atop her head and a white veil embedded with pearls hung from beneath.’
    • ‘My companions, fashionably dressed journalists from the magazine, seemed mystified at the suggestion.’
    • ‘Nearly one-third (31 percent) of prestige shoppers say they "dress more fashionably than others."’
    • ‘They both wore their uniforms fashionably, making them looking like models in the dull uniform.’


  • fashionably late

    • Deliberately arriving after an event has started, especially in order to prove one's social status.

      ‘I arrived at the party fashionably late’
      • ‘Anyone planning to be fashionably late for the show will miss a crucial part of the plot.’
      • ‘My getting in the way marred her almost perfectly executed fashionably late entrance.’
      • ‘Anne was sure her father would turn up at some point: he believed in being fashionably late, not unfashionably Not Present.’
      • ‘I was only about half an hour late, which I guess still counts as being fashionably late.’
      • ‘I've always wanted to know exactly how late fashionably late is.’