Definition of fashion-conscious in English:



  • Aware of the latest fashions and wanting to wear fashionable clothes and accessories.

    ‘a fashion-conscious 16-year-old’
    • ‘If you are a fashion-conscious drinker, this is the Italian label to have on your dinner table.’
    • ‘Certainly, today's teen is more brand and fashion-conscious than his predecessor, but even so, some observers aren't convinced the idea will sell.’
    • ‘In fashion-conscious Hong Kong, moisturizers account for 60 to 70 percent of the multi-million dollar skincare market.’
    • ‘The trick is in turning the image around to appeal to a younger, more fashion-conscious market.’
    • ‘A prairie winter can be hard on the fashion-conscious person.’
    • ‘Men don't appear to be as fashion-conscious as women.’
    • ‘Younger Japanese people are also a big market for retailers because they are hugely fashion-conscious.’
    • ‘Urban women are very fashion-conscious.’
    • ‘Historically, fashion-conscious Edinburgh residents have always travelled to Glasgow for their clothes.’
    • ‘Joburg's newest nightspot opened on a very high note with a guest list that comprised high-profile guests and a fashion-conscious crowd.’