Definition of fascia in English:


(British facia)


  • 1A detachable covering for the front part of a mobile phone.

    • ‘The T6 screw driver is required to change phone fascia covers and housings for most Sony Ericsson, Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, LG, Siemens and many more mobile phones.’
    • ‘Brighten up and refresh your mobile phone with a new fascia, cover or housing.’
    • ‘Sadly and finally, after being dropped about fifty times, my clunky but much-admired mobile phone fascia has finally given up the ghost.’
    • ‘This fascia attaches to a normal phone (different versions for each model, of course), and it automatically changes colour to fit your outfit, mood and preference.’
  • 2A board or other flat piece of material covering the ends of rafters or other fittings.

    ‘a further piece of chipboard acts as a fascia to disguise the ceiling fixtures’
    • ‘If you click on the link for this photo, have a look for the large building near the top of the hill with the blue fascia around the top.’
    • ‘Those early buildings of the race course still exist too, in red brick, with white fascias and red tile roofs, with long verandas set under luxuriant oak trees and manicured gardens.’
    • ‘We used beautiful recycled redwood for barge rafters, fascia boards and decking.’
    • ‘For a more finished look, frame the lattice all around with 1x3 redwood fascia.’
    • ‘The bags contained screws, tape, fascia board and various bits of plastic.’
    • ‘The fascia board and clerestory strips were attached.’
    • ‘If there's too much roof overhang, pad out the gutter with wood blocks on the fascia; if there's too little, extend the drip edge.’
    • ‘Homeowners often use hosepipes to rid their walls, soffits and facias of nests and they should be aware it is a criminal offence to damage nests, eggs or chicks in this way.’
    • ‘Roofs and fascias are of standard ribbed metal sheeting.’
    • ‘There will be part dry-dashing or re-plastering of front facades, fascias and soffits and new stone front walls.’
    • ‘Measure 1-inch down from the top of the fascia at both ends and slope the gutters at 1/4 inch every 10 feet toward the downspout in the middle.’
    • ‘To face one end of the bench, they cut short vertical strips with beveled edges from the fascia board; the other end they wrapped with fascia board.’
    • ‘We can also overclad existing fascia's and soffits.’
    • ‘The lead was dressed over the top of the fascia boards and, on the inside, it was dressed over the wall plate and the lower part of each rafter.’
    • ‘The town's Maori heritage remains evident everywhere, from the carved fascia boards of ceremonial marae meeting houses to the war canoes and ubiquitous tiki figures.’
    • ‘They have double glazed hardwood windows and black aluminum fascia and PVC soffits.’
    • ‘Graham grunted as he stretched hard to reach the fascia boarding at the top of the house.’
    • ‘The two bogus window fitters persuaded the woman that she needed a new fascia board on her window.’
    • ‘Matching fascias and soffits add to the quality appearance.’
    1. 2.1British A signboard on the upper part of a shopfront showing the name of the shop.
      ‘the use of consistent graphics on shop fascias’
      • ‘Many retailers can enjoy great success simply because the fascia above their shops are valued by consumers.’
      • ‘Peacock, which also operates under the Bon Marche and The Fragrance Shop fascias, said it plans to double its outlets to around 1, 400.’
      • ‘All of the illuminated fascias above the shops had been smashed.’
      • ‘Stroll up Bradshawgate, look above the shops and the handsome brick fascias of the buildings are largely unchanged.’
    2. 2.2 (in classical architecture) a long flat surface between mouldings on an architrave.
      • ‘A crown molding added on top of the facia will dress up the facia but should be attached so it will line up smoothly with the slope of the roof.’
      • ‘The London-based developer replaced floors, ceilings, fascia and décor in the former Corporation House which for years hosted hundreds of British Telecom staff and civil servants.’
      • ‘Inside, too, the dramatic swoops and swirls of the present model's fascia have been replaced by a more restrained architecture.’
  • 3British The dashboard of a motor vehicle.

    ‘the interior boasts a Mercedes-like fascia’
    • ‘Inside, there are changes to the design of the fascia and controls, as well as new materials and fabrics.’
    • ‘There are also new designs to the analogue speedometer and tachometer, together with digital clock and outside temperature gauge built into the fascia above the centre console.’
    • ‘But Fiat is the first to offer it in a mass-market hatchback, to remove it from the walnut fascia and poke it into a hole in the traditional matt plastic.’
    • ‘The concept car features aluminium, red leather on the fascia panel and, for the seat cushions, a finely perforated leather.’
    • ‘Mounted on the fascia and not the floor, its slickness gives a whole new meaning to the term ease of drive.’
    • ‘Other innovations have been added to make the vehicle more practical, including a paper holder on the fascia.’
    • ‘The interior has been completely revamped, and the flat dash is replaced by a curved fascia with better switchgear.’
    • ‘Cloths and trim shades also differ, as do the facia and instrument panel.’
    • ‘Inside, we find the fabric facia covering and round eyeball vents necessary for the Smart identity, plus an optional, removable bag where you would normally expect to find a glovebox.’
    • ‘Thankfully, the latest breed of electronic tachographs are much easier to fit into the facias of such vehicles than the older style units were.’
    • ‘A compartment on the fascia panel in place of the ashtray can store cassettes, CDs or a mobile phone.’
    • ‘The steel unibody has fascias made of recyclable TSOP plastic.’
    • ‘So inside we find clean, simple straight lines and circles, a sporty-looking three-dial instrument pack and an interesting grid-pattern finish for the soft-touch fascia.’
    • ‘Then, in 1994, she returned to the sharp end of the business as production manager when RIMIR changed from producing fascias and trim to airbags and seatbelts.’
    • ‘Primary parts include fascias, rocker panel skirts, crash pads, instrument panels, glove boxes and center consoles.’
    • ‘There are changes to the interior too, including a new fascia, revised instrumentation and a trip computer.’
    • ‘Inside, there are lots of cubbyholes and larger storage areas, and the fascia controls for heating, audio system and security are nice and large.’
    • ‘As always with Mercedes-Benz, interior materials are of high quality, the leather seating matching the veneers and fascia materials.’
    • ‘The interior changes include revised facia, switches, dashboard and centre console.’
    • ‘The facia mounted gearlever is a brilliant, if unusual, way of putting a short stick inches from the driver's hands.’
    1. 3.1 A board or panel of controls on any piece of equipment.
      • ‘As with the SN25P, there are also additional hidden ports at the bottom of the front fascia.’
      • ‘At the bottom of the front fascia is a full array of ports, and since the iDEQ comes with its motherboard pre-fitted, you don't have to worry about having to connect them all up.’
      • ‘The front facia and dials have a good feel to them, providing a very non-sloppy feel in use, although people with larger hands might find the small dials to be a problem.’
      • ‘They also had a nice display of new facias for the console.’
      • ‘Also on the front fascia, but on the side of it, is this collection of connectors.’
      • ‘Three pumps were extensively damaged with nozzles wrenched off and display fascias smashed in.’
      • ‘Removing the fascia reveals no great secrets, so why not use normal screws?’
      • ‘It's fascinating to see these ideas developed in 1953, albeit expressed in the materials of the time: reinforced-concrete structures, light steel frames with fascias and panel walls.’
      • ‘Still, at first glance it's an attractive if simple steel case with a plastic fascia.’
      • ‘The facade is bedecked with bright orange glass-cure-plastic panels, and the fascias, like many of the inner walls, are painted with colors rendered in aggressively uneven vertical stripes.’
      • ‘The front fascia is completely removable - you simply pull it off, and the clips at each corner release, leaving you with clear access to the external drive bays, and their EMF covers.’
      • ‘With all the ‘welding’ finished it was time to turn my attention to the front facia and optical drive front.’
      • ‘This is the only case on the market that I know of that actually integrates an alien head into the front fascia.’
      • ‘Looking at the front fascia from the rear we can see the 4 LED's, which coupled with the green Perspex are responsible for the green light on the front.’
      • ‘Particularly avoid those hyper-trendy slimline light switches that barely protrude from the fascia.’
      console, instrument panel, board, dashboard
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  • 4Anatomy
    A thin sheath of fibrous tissue enclosing a muscle or other organ.

    ‘the diagnosis of Dupuytren's contracture is usually very easy because the palmar fascia is obviously thickened’
    • ‘It's a direct attachment of muscle and fascia and ligament.’
    • ‘After careful dissection through the subcutaneous tissue and the fascia, a small incision was made at the peritoneum.’
    • ‘This area, which included fascia, muscle, and subcutaneous tissue, was debrided until viable margins were obtained.’
    • ‘The irregular type is found in the dermis of the skin, deep fascia surrounding and defining muscles, capsules of organs, and nerve sheaths.’
    • ‘The incision is extended through the subcutaneous layers, fascia, and muscle.’
    covering, cover, case, casing, envelope, sleeve, wrapper
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Mid 16th century: from Latin, ‘band, door frame’, related to fasces. Compare with fess.