Definition of farness in English:



mass nounrare
  • The condition of being far off; distance or remoteness.

    ‘across the Monmouthshire lowlands and into the farness of the mountains’
    • ‘A notion of nearness and farness imposes locality, and that in turn imposes neighborhoods.’
    • ‘A major message of any representational photograph is its nearness or farness from the viewer in time.’
    • ‘If I look from a mountain, the things seen are vast in height and breadth, in proportion to the farness of the horizon.’
    • ‘I cannot judge the farness of the house from the street.’
    • ‘In this magical moment, as the ink black sky was dominated by stellar diadems, as the Little Bear twinkled knowingly in the seemingly close farness of celestial majesty, everything made sense.’
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