Definition of farmers' market in English:

farmers' market


  • A market where local farmers and growers sell their produce directly to the public.

    • ‘Their lettuce, fresh, clean and attractively presented at local farmers' markets, sells quickly and at a premium.’
    • ‘I am amazed by the variety of breads sold in farmers' markets, particularly the sourdough and soda breads.’
    • ‘Look for them in good produce markets or at farmers' markets.’
    • ‘However, an organic dairy farmer who rents land from us has diversified by selling vegetables at farmers' markets.’
    • ‘This trend has helped the rapid growth of local meat marketing through farmers' markets and other direct sales.’
    • ‘This helps to explain the growth in popularity of local farmers' markets in the area and delivery schemes of fruit and vegetable boxes direct to people's homes.’
    • ‘You can find heritage breeds and wild game birds at many local farmers' markets and in gourmet or organic retail stores.’
    • ‘Their stall has won first prize in the local farmers' market.’
    • ‘Summertime means that local farmers' markets are open to sell the freshest, in-season fruits and vegetables.’
    • ‘It changes every few weeks as the season's offerings reach their pinnacle at Seattle's local farmers' markets.’
    • ‘First off, forget the supermarket selection and head for a specialist cheese shop or your local farmers' market.’
    • ‘Often young bulbing onions are sold as scallions at farmers' markets.’
    • ‘Befriend family-run specialist firms, rare breeders and the bloke who runs your local farmers' market.’
    • ‘The town council has agreed a farmers' market should sell locally produced goods on the second Friday of the month for six months.’
    • ‘Luckily we had a bag of fresh local arugula from the farmers' market in the fridge.’
    • ‘The 43-year-old father-of-two sold his chicken products directly to the public from his home and through farmers' markets in the county.’
    • ‘People are turning once more to organic produce and local farmers' markets.’
    • ‘Try eggs from free-range hens or products from a local farmers' market.’
    • ‘She sells them at the local farmers' market in Tain.’
    • ‘The next step was to begin selling the beef at the local farmers' market.’