Definition of farmer in English:



  • 1A person who owns or manages a farm.

    • ‘From the point of view of European livestock farmers, soya is the ideal product.’
    • ‘Why are we being so generous to farmers in other countries but so harsh with our own?’
    • ‘I worked with farmers and crofters and did all types of work to get a bite to eat and a few cigarettes.’
    • ‘I have made the choice to be a farmer and to manage a finite renewable resource such as water.’
    • ‘The lifting of the thirty month ban is good news for farmers but there are still uncertainties.’
    • ‘In reality, it could not have turned out much worse for British farmers and growers.’
    • ‘Before refrigeration, it was common for butchers to also be farmers and graziers.’
    • ‘The public cannot go near farmland, yet farmers can hold a market in Scarborough.’
    • ‘If farmers want their livestock to be protected then they should protect them in a more secure way.’
    • ‘Almost two thirds think farmers are not paid enough by supermarkets for the food they produce.’
    • ‘The son of a yeoman farmer, he was one of those remarkable men of the Victorian age.’
    • ‘It is the time of year again when farm work is in full swing and farmers are extremely busy.’
    • ‘The main concern for farmers is to reduce their risk of suffering a herd breakdown.’
    • ‘We want the Government to provide grant aid to farmers to help them through this difficult time.’
    • ‘The yield may not be large but farmers manage to feed their family and make a living.’
    • ‘The livestock farmers have beef and pork and cheese and chicken and eggs and milk.’
    • ‘It is likely that the nature of farm work makes it easier for farmers to be more active.’
    • ‘It helped farmers and farm owners to stay in their property with government help.’
    • ‘The gophers also dig holes which farmers claim cause livestock to fall and break their legs.’
    • ‘The agricultural revolution freed farmers from this trap for the first time in history.’
    agriculturalist, agronomist, smallholder, grazier, farmhand, countryman, daughter of the soil, son of the soil
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  • 2historical A person to whom the collection of taxes was contracted for a fee.


Late Middle English: from Old French fermier, from medieval Latin firmarius, firmator, from firma (see farm). farmer (sense 1) originally denoted a bailiff or steward who farmed land on the owner's behalf, or a tenant farmer.