Definition of farm labourer in English:

farm labourer

(US farm laborer)


  • A person doing unskilled manual work on a farm.

    ‘he began his working life as a farm labourer’
    • ‘Times were hard and farm labourers were the bottom of the pecking order in the harsh British class system.’
    • ‘His father, Johnny, was a farm labourer who was born in Fenniscourt.’
    • ‘He had started out as a farm labourer, and joined the army as a way to a better life.’
    • ‘Large numbers of those placed on the land failed, and farm labourers drifted to the cities.’
    • ‘I was a farm labourer during the summer holidays, responsible for looking after the chickens.’
    • ‘Welfare groups said the displacement of two million farm labourers would add a massive social crisis to the economic disaster.’
    • ‘He followed his employment as a regular farm labourer and assisted at harvest-time at the advanced age of 100.’
    • ‘The trend towards fewer, larger farms has contributed to the decline in numbers of farmers and farm labourers.’
    • ‘Dairy farming had been his passion all his life as a farm labourer, he said.’
    • ‘Born into poverty on the north-east coast of Scotland, MacDonald was the illegitimate child of a servant girl and a farm labourer.’