Definition of farm cadet in English:

farm cadet


  • An apprentice farmer.

    ‘she ran the place with the help of two farm cadets’
    • ‘It is becoming rather more difficult to find farm cadets and farm labour is not traditionally an attractive life in New Zealand.’
    • ‘He had come to New Zealand at the age of 15 as a farm cadet and later worked as a clerk in the Auckland Harbour Board.’
    • ‘He paid off the passage as a farm cadet in Gisborne.’
    • ‘Farm cadets are selected for their proven interest in farming as a career.’
    • ‘He came to farming through the farm cadet system, progressing through to manager, contract manager, Variable Order Sharemilking and onto Herd Owning Sharemilker.’
    • ‘They ran courses for farm cadets and other specialised agricultural workers.’
    • ‘It was in farming matters that the Wanganui-born man made his lasting mark, following beginnings as a rural farm cadet.’
    • ‘A farm cadet scheme is a medium-term answer to this urban drift.’
    • ‘He is a product of the discontinued and much-mourned national farm cadet scheme through which he qualified to farm management level before going lower-order sharemilking.’
    • ‘His day job is at the prestigious Smedley Station in Hawkes Bay, teaching farm cadets skills including fencing.’