Definition of farl in English:



  • A bread roll of Scottish origin made of oatmeal or flour, typically triangular in shape.

    • ‘Fadge dough is prepared with mashed boiled potatoes and a little white flour and baked in rounds or farls on a pan or griddle.’
    • ‘From tomorrow, customers will be offered a ‘hearty Irish breakfast’ comprising bacon, eggs, pudding, sausages, tomatoes and potato farls.’
    • ‘She gave me her secret recipe on how to bake the perfect soda farl, so the next time I cut into one the knife won't bounce up and hit me in the face.’
    • ‘They were not, as you might have assumed, worried about increasing the lifespan of the good people of the six counties, but that of the trusty soda farl - a staple of the Ulster fry for many a year.’


Late 17th century: from obsolete fardel ‘quarter’, contraction of fourth deal (i.e. deal in the earlier sense ‘portion, share’).