Definition of far gone in English:

far gone


  • 1In a bad or worsening state.

    ‘a few frames from the original film were too far gone to salvage’
    • ‘She's the Democrats' best hope if Davis is too far gone.’
    • ‘I've always been a big fan of biking, but when I found out that my old road bike was finally too far gone to be resurrected, it was time to shop around for a new one.’
    • ‘Hollywood is even more far gone than I had imagined.’
    • ‘The groundfishery is simply too far gone to recover.’
    • ‘A container of Dutch-style feta cheese that I was really looking forward to having, and which turned out to be very far gone - fizzy in fact!’
    1. 1.1informal Very intoxicated or ill.
      ‘everyone was far gone by now’
      • ‘One of his sons says Van Sickle wants to go home, while his other three children say he is too far gone to know what he wants.’
      • ‘I was so far gone that I remained unfazed when it was revealed to me that Jack's address was 1983 Chevy Camaro Drive.’
      • ‘I was too drunk and too far gone to care: my whole body felt like one big climax and the sheer power of what was taking place in that room was enough for me.’
      • ‘I never see them any more, they're too far gone really, but nor would I want to, I'm sure I'd feel the temptation to dabble if I was in their company.’
      • ‘Alison was already too far gone to be transferred and if we had to run the gauntlet to St Mary's I might have lost her and my babies.’
  • 2Advanced in time.

    ‘when he awoke the day was far gone’
    • ‘Now that the semester's too far gone for students to feel like they're just testing out this university, all sorts of behaviours odd and disquieting are emerging.’
    • ‘Well, the subsequent email exchange went as follows, and I think it just goes to show how far gone into the world of email communication and pop culture references we post Gen-X kids are.’
    • ‘The season is too far gone for the vote of confidence.’