Definition of far and away in English:

far and away


  • By a very large amount:

    ‘he is far and away the most accomplished player’
    • ‘Disturbing and humane, they are far and away the best in the exhibition.’
    • ‘In the use of the nutrients that feed our crops, China is now far and away the world leader.’
    • ‘I'd been hoping for this, I love Les Mis, it's far and away my favourite musical.’
    • ‘I submitted a photography assignment on Monday that was far and away my best yet.’
    • ‘By far and away the most wondrous aspect of PVA is its characteristic of turning to hard solid plastic once dry.’
    by a great amount, by a good deal, by a long chalk, by a long shot, by a long way, by a mile
    undoubtedly, doubtlessly, without doubt, without question, decidedly, markedly, positively, absolutely, easily, immeasurably
    significantly, substantially, appreciably, noticeably, materially, beyond the shadow of a doubt, much
    as sure as eggs is eggs
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