Definition of far-ranging in English:



  • Having important and widely applicable effects or implications.

    ‘a public inquiry would address far-ranging issues’
    ‘decisions that had far-ranging consequences’
    ‘these new sites are yielding far-ranging benefits for millions of citizens’
    • ‘Bauer, 46, is not merely a far-ranging inventor.’
    • ‘But there could be more far-ranging implications in the world of medicine.’
    • ‘Every reader of Credo will no doubt come up with questions to put to such a far-ranging work of historical erudition.’
    • ‘The far-ranging topics mirrored hot issues like security, energy and productivity, among others; many sessions were standing-room only.’
    • ‘Once established, most ornamental grasses have deep, far-ranging root systems, making them resistant to drought.’
    • ‘While its far-ranging scope encompasses a number of contentious topics, the book is at its best when individual entries tackle seldom debated subjects.’
    • ‘Based as always in India, he maintains a far-ranging, busy touring schedule in North America, Europe and elsewhere.’
    • ‘There are few sociotechnical shifts with such far-ranging benefits as the move from unsustainable energy to clean, green micropower.’
    • ‘The severity of the depression brought to Washington a president whose imposing legacy included the rise of big government and far-ranging intervention in the economy’
    • ‘His style is both confident and conversational, and his examples are far-ranging.’