Definition of fanlight in English:



  • 1A small semicircular or rectangular window over a door or another window.

    • ‘The principal doorways of both buildings are framed by pilasters and display graceful semicircular fanlights crowned with open pediments.’
    • ‘The front door has a fanlight while the hall has an ornate centre rose and coving.’
    • ‘A flight of granite steps leads to a front door with a fanlight.’
    • ‘Manda could see a semicircular fanlight over the front door as the Michael steered the jeep toward the front of wrought iron gate.’
    • ‘The four corners of the facades are accented with tall wooden pilasters, and the two identical front doors with semicircular fanlights are framed by pilasters supporting molded cornices.’
    1. 1.1
      another term for skylight
      • ‘The only way that he have escaped was by climbing hand over hand, up the girders that run up the side of the jail, to a fanlight on the roof.’
      • ‘The conservatory features extra height fanlights with single Georgian bar.’