Definition of fangirl in English:



  • A female fan, especially one who is obsessive about comics, film, music, or science fiction.

    ‘your average fangirl, despite the implication of the name, is a grown-up’
    • ‘Perry walked towards the backstage area, yelping as they were nearly attacked by screaming fangirls.’
    • ‘So, all you fangirls who dream about marrying one of the two cutest boys in school will have to forget those dreams.’
    • ‘Hm, I hope I don't get molested by fangirls as some sort of divine punishment…’
    • ‘I wouldn't want to be chased by rabid fangirls if I were you.’
    • ‘No other in living memory can claim to have teenage fangirls out there…’
    • ‘While walking to his car the two Japanese fangirls followed.’
    • ‘I'm sure your adoring fangirls will just eat that up.’
    • ‘The fangirls shriek in dismayed exultation - ‘I knew they were involved!’’
    • ‘It's that credible danger that makes the final half-hour so intense for fanboys and fangirls alike.’
    • ‘I appear weekly on tabloids, TV talk shows kidnap me to have me as a guest, and I can't go anywhere outside without a group of fangirls wanting to get a piece of me.’
    • ‘You're not one of those obsessive fangirls, are you?’
    • ‘When I told him that I am a huge fangirl he said 'the world needs more fangirls.'’
    • ‘Maybe because they knew too many rabid fangirls would arrive at the guy's doorstep, asking for autographs.’
    • ‘Finding their words falling on the deaf ears of their fellow fangirls and fanboys, they retreated to the safety of their shrines, confident in their belief that they had chosen the true apogee of cute.’
    • ‘Your shirt is currently being fought over by a small legion of fangirls.’
    • ‘Orlando frowned, an expression which sent his recently acquired entourage of adoring fangirls into spasms of hysterical pity.’
    • ‘It will set you back a pretty penny but should present an irresistible temptation for die-hard fanboys and fangirls alike.’
    • ‘Sadly for all us screaming fangirls, Cale is very closed to emotions.’
    • ‘Of course I might have been just a tad partial considering that they employed one of my best friends and I could be a total fangirl over some of the books Big C wrote.’
    • ‘As much of an obsessive fangirl as she can be, she's incredibly down to earth, calm in every situation and able to see hope in just about every cause.’


[no object]informal
  • (of a female fan) behave in an obsessive or overexcited way.

    ‘I'm still fangirling over this casting’
    • ‘I missed coming to this site because I was too busy fangirling over the trailer.’
    • ‘We all know how much I love you and fangirled over you for the entire duration of this film.’
    • ‘A group of women were fangirling over him.’
    • ‘He just tweeted me saying he really liked my cover of his song so I fangirled for a second and it was pretty amazing.’
    • ‘While he was making the dessert, I wanted to thank him for an excellent meal, but I fangirled and failed to say a word to him.’
    • ‘She was just your average 13-year-old who fought with her parents, fangirled over her favorite pop star, and didn't pay attention in class.’
    • ‘After getting my signed Baby-Sitters Club poster, and fangirling out just a little bit more, I head upstairs.’
    • ‘Now that it's officially out, I'm fairly confident I won't be the only one fangirling over the second young adult novel by this author.’
    • ‘The lyrics have divided fans between those who are fangirling so much it could be a five-minute clip of her doing nonsense and they would love it, and others who think it's outright offensive.’
    • ‘It was a totally awesome set and I was screaming and jumping and fangirling all the way through.’
    • ‘She revealed she's just like the rest of us when it comes to meeting celebs we really love, as she fangirled upon meeting the TV star!’
    • ‘I fangirled hard on the clip where he sang my favourite song.’
    • ‘When I first started secondary school I had one friend that was just as obsessed with Buffy and we fangirled constantly.’