Definition of fanfaronade in English:



  • 1mass noun Arrogant or boastful talk.

    ‘he almost smiled at this fanfaronade—the idea was ludicrous’
    • ‘With this boasting, this ‘fanfaronade’ as he himself called it, he wanted to show that Prussia was still rich and powerful.’
    boldness, bold manner, swagger, swaggering, bluster, swashbuckling
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  • 2A fanfare.

    ‘a military fanfaronade’
    • ‘In addition, they decided to emphasise melody rather than go for rhythmic fanfaronades.’
    • ‘The second notification was that of the king's acceptance of the new constitution; accompanied with fanfaronades in the modern style of the French bureaus.’
    peal of trumpets, flourish, trumpet call, trumpet blare
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Mid 17th century: from French fanfaronnade, from fanfaron ‘braggart’, from fanfare (see fanfare).