Definition of fanaticism in English:



mass noun
  • The quality of being fanatical.

    ‘the dangers of religious fanaticism’
    • ‘I think religious fanaticism is extremely unhealthy and it seems Mel Gibson is guilty of that.’
    • ‘They are saying that many of us think that terrorism and religious fanaticism are part of the Islamic way of life.’
    • ‘The prospects are for more destruction, fanaticism, violence and hatred.’
    • ‘There seems to be a fanaticism on the part of those who legislate, for how come there is no variation of punishment?’
    • ‘Still, fanaticism doesn't strike a chord with the majority of the region's Muslims.’
    zealotry, zeal, extremism, militancy, sectarianism, fundamentalism, bigotry, dogmatism, chauvinism, radicalism, immoderation
    obsessiveness, over-enthusiasm, addiction, fixation, madness, monomania, immoderation, passion, infatuation
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