Definition of famous last words in English:

famous last words


  • Said as an ironic comment on an overconfident assertion that may later be proved wrong.

    ‘‘I'll be perfectly OK on my own.’ ‘Famous last words,’ she thought to herself’
    • ‘So for now I'm off to make my final preparations in the hope that all runs smoothly… famous last words!’
    • ‘Perhaps the most famous last words in military history were uttered by an American Civil War officer, John Sedgwick: They couldn't hit an elephant at this distance.’
    • ‘No one laughed when Gen. George Custer uttered his famous last words at Little Big Horn: ‘We're not out of it.’’
    • ‘This time we have ‘no return to boom and bust’, a mantra which could turn out to be Gordon Brown's famous last words.’
    • ‘‘No need to worry any more, our ISP blocks all viruses’ could become some of the Net's most famous last words.’