Definition of family unit in English:

family unit


  • The members of a family, especially parents and children, considered as a single entity within society.

    ‘I've seen how drug use is directly responsible for the erosion of the family unit’
    • ‘Since the nuclear family unit has evolved, homeowners have to plan for stepchildren and aging parents as well as a need for unconventional workspaces.’
    • ‘The movie looks at the effect of strong faith and belief on a person and the family unit.’
    • ‘The second half of the century saw a slow disintegration of the tightly knit family unit into a group of individuals.’
    • ‘This reinforces familial pride in accomplishments and the supportive role the family unit holds in the decision-making process of each family member.’
    • ‘Many of these younger people will not have dependants, and will live in family units primarily of only one or two income-earning people.’
    • ‘The exhibition presents a view not only of these nine family units but also offers an intriguing glimpse into today's South African society.’
    • ‘The arrival of her previously unknown half-brother, Colin, further upsets the structure of the family unit.’
    • ‘Later marriage, a rising divorce rate, and the number of single-parent families have created family units which do not fit into this ideal.’
    • ‘This season wisely emphasizes the strength of this unconventional family unit with bookend episodes about the Taylor family.’
    • ‘The state of the American family unit was consistently framed as a national issue of great moral significance.’