Definition of family circle in English:

family circle


  • The members of a particular family, regarded as a group.

    ‘the existence of these papers was unknown outside the family circle’
    • ‘Her aunt and her brother, two years her junior, completed the family circle.’
    • ‘Outside the family circle, another way of finding capital was from members of the same church or sect.’
    • ‘She is survived by her husband, Thomas; brothers, sisters and large family circle.’
    • ‘The move to a new city is made bearable for Nicky by the presence of his close, but small, family circle.’
    • ‘The man is part of a large extended family circle in the Newcastle and Castlewellan areas.’
    • ‘Ironically, he is still not recognised as a writer in his family circles.’
    • ‘The Clarks have, however, welcomed Mary and her partner into the family circle.’
    • ‘Within the family circle, he was a devoted and loving husband and father.’
    • ‘Senior members of my family circle were actively engaged in the politics of indigenous issues.’
    • ‘So please be sure that your close family circle understands what lies ahead.’