Definition of family-friendly in English:



  • Suitable for or aimed at families with children.

    ‘a family-friendly restaurant’
    ‘the company has always operated family-friendly policies’
    ‘the film is fun and family-friendly’
    • ‘The house is very well designed to make it as family-friendly as possible.’
    • ‘New displays and dramatic programmes are set to make the museums more family-friendly by catering for the needs of children.’
    • ‘He's fast-talking, unflappable, and family-friendly, and that's always a good and entertaining mix to find in your DVD tray.’
    • ‘Typical family-friendly hotels are very familiar, with restaurants where kids can eat free and popular attractions for all ages.’
    • ‘Among other things, it brought the stand-up comedian's family-friendly humor to the mainstream.’
    • ‘We have many family-friendly flexible working arrangements in place.’
    • ‘They emphasized the desire of everyone involved to make a family-friendly movie suitable for all ages.’
    • ‘The company offers family-friendly work schedules that provide flexibility for employees to balance family and work commitments.’
    • ‘The heartfelt performances and compelling story make for decent, family-friendly fare.’