Definition of familism in English:



  • See familist

    • ‘The answer to familism and the various forms of tribalism that plague religious communities is a vision of the unity of the human family that respects the enormous diversity that characterizes humans.’
    • ‘The cultural concepts that examine interpersonal styles that affect the nature and quality of relationships include: familism, individualism-collectivism, personalismo, respeto, simpatia, tiu lien (loss of face).’
    • ‘Irish political culture is marked by its postcolonialism, conservatism, localism, and familism, all of which were influenced by the Irish Catholic Church, British institutions and politics, and Gaelic culture.’
    • ‘The mainline family paradox is that the church talks about the value of diversity, but practices conventional familism.’
    • ‘Is the familism of mainstream (moderate and liberal) religious groups good for women, children, and men?’