Definition of fam in English:



  • 1A person's family.

    ‘Ian's fam must be so proud of him’
    ‘I decided to make a last-minute trip to the Bay for Christmas to see the fam’
    • ‘I'm getting him more stuff than the rest of the fam because he always gives me lifts, plus he bought me cool Christmas and birthday pressies.’
    • ‘I can't wait to meet my host fam on Sunday.’
    • ‘If you hit any roadblocks or speed bumps along the way, don't lose sight of what matters most—your friends and fam.’
    • ‘The fam is realizing you're growing up, so keep your eyes peeled for sweet rewards—extended curfew, bigger allowance and, um, more chores.’
    • ‘He's not messing with me or my fam physically so I'm going to let it slide.’
    • ‘After the fams picked me up from the airport they were hungry and they decided Japanese.’
    • ‘We went bowling with the fam and some good friends of mine.’
    • ‘I should probably tell you about the fam, especially since I'll more than likely mention them a lot.’
    • ‘I get to spend some time with my cousin and her fam before the gruelling workshop schedule kicks in.’
    • ‘I've got mad love for Ryan and his fam.’
    • ‘Though my awesome fam is irreplaceable, I have found quite the community of friends out here.’
    • ‘Continue to focus on excelling in school, but put in home and fam time too.’
    • ‘This weekend Brad and I went to Fort Worth to visit my fam.’
    • ‘You have the right to indulge in quality time away from the fam.’
    • ‘I didn't see one person from my fam.’
    relatives, relations, blood relations, family members, kin, next of kin, kinsfolk, kinsmen, kinswomen, kindred, one's flesh and blood, one's own flesh and blood, connections
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    1. 1.1 A person's circle of close friends.
      ‘people my own age who understood what it felt like to be me—that was my fam’
    2. 1.2 Used as a form of address to a close friend.
      ‘yo fam, check ur texts!’