Definition of Falun Gong in English:

Falun Gong

(also Falun Dafa)


mass noun
  • 1A spiritual exercise and meditation regime with similarities to t'ai chi ch'uan, practised predominantly in China.

    • ‘Falun Gong is a peaceful, spiritual practice without any formal organization, property or membership.’
    • ‘According to Li, Falun Gong is a cultivation system aimed at cultivating both human life and nature.’
    1. 1.1 A Taoist-Buddhist sect practising Falun Gong.


1990s: Chinese, literally ‘wheel of law’, from fǎ ‘law’ + lún ‘wheel’ (+ gōng ‘skill’ or dàfǎ ‘great method’).


Falun Gong

/ˌfalən ˈɡɒŋ/