Definition of false step in English:

false step


  • 1A slip or stumble.

    ‘one false step and we would have fallen in the sea’
    • ‘But here's a play that gets Jaworski's attention, when Palmer takes a false step with his left foot at the start of his dropback.’
    • ‘Back to the cliffs, where the geological verticality is a 300-foot issue, and where in places two false steps would have you plummeting to the rocks.’
    • ‘Adriana's heart carried her forward, under rock ledges where a false step would have thrown her a hundred feet into a nest of shale.’
    • ‘All it takes is a false step, a bump, a push or even a momentary lapse of common sense to fall from safety and into the dark dangerous depths below.’
    • ‘Clements helped Stewart eliminate a false step he was taking with his left foot in his dropback that caused him to be late with some of his passes.’
    stumble, slip, misstep
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    1. 1.1 A careless or unwise act; a mistake.
      ‘she made her first false step when she agreed to come back’
      • ‘The nature of professional publication is such that it is rare to find an article by a senior clinician about a personal voyage of intellectual discovery that includes the stumbling and false steps along the way.’
      • ‘Lord Justice Judge agreed and said: ‘The court was extremely critical of a whole series of false steps leading to conclusions of a statistical kind that were misleading.’’
      • ‘One false step and you've lost a viewer, or a million of them.’
      • ‘So much of the film's success lies on the shoulders of the two leads, and they never make a false step in their characterizations.’
      • ‘A false step along the way - including delay for any number of reasons, known and unknown - could well be fatal.’