Definition of false move in English:

false move


  • An unwise or careless action that could have dangerous consequences.

    ‘one false move would lead to nuclear war’
    • ‘Khartoum twirled both of his guns with his fingers for a few seconds, daring the men surrounding him to make a false move.’
    • ‘One false move could cause the dark powers they called to be upset or broken free upon the world.’
    • ‘One false move and I'd be in as many pieces as my flashlight.’
    • ‘One false move by me and who knows what they would do if they got alarmed.’
    • ‘One false move on Pattaya's roads, especially at night, could bring a personal Armageddon.’
    • ‘One false move (even in total innocence!) could put you in the worse kind of firing line - the teenager angst variety!’
    • ‘One false move and they would all pounce at once.’
    • ‘One false move and he would be as dead as his foe already was.’
    • ‘One false move could cause irreparable damage.’
    • ‘One false move and they might find themselves impaled, knocked out or drowned.’
    • ‘As long as her voice remained in prime condition - and these recordings preserve it at its best - she hardly made a false move.’
    • ‘Nadia made a false move and turned her head, not seeing the stone in her path.’
    • ‘One false move and you've got black powder all over you that simply doesn't wash out.’
    • ‘The Finnish conductor hasn't made a false move yet, and here, his cogent direction places him in the same rank as great Sibelians such as Karajan and Maazel.’
    • ‘The man hesitated for a moment and Caleb made a false move for his phone.’
    • ‘One false move and this beautiful moment could end in an ugly scream.’
    • ‘Don't make any false moves and nobody will get hurt.’
    • ‘Any false move on either side would probably erupt into a fight due to the tensed atmosphere between them.’
    • ‘Any false move on each of their parts and the whole situation would lead to a disaster.’
    • ‘One false move and everything would fall apart.’


false move