Definition of faller in English:



  • 1British A person or thing that falls, in particular:

    • ‘Instead, the oldest club - not the new boys - is a faller.’
    • ‘It is hard for an experienced free faller to volunteer to be a passenger and have no control, needing to place all trust in the tandem operator.’
    • ‘Fallers need a work-up by their doctor.’
    • ‘Bike helmets and hip protectors may help recurrent fallers avoid injury.’
    • ‘The number of fallers rather than the number of falls was compared as a primary outcome, although results for number of falls also were presented.’
    • ‘If an elderly faller looks fit, think of abnormal heart rhythms or a heart attack.’
    • ‘When having to go out in such weather a faller should have shoes with a good grip and a cane or preferably a companion to lean on.’
    • ‘Trainee tandem operators require qualified free fallers to act as passengers for their first few descents.’
    • ‘A reduction in fallers indicates improved delivery of health care through a greater proportion of patients being treated without incurring falls and their potential consequences.’
    • ‘If the strength of healthy elderly quad muscles is considered 100 %, it is 62 % in nursing home patients, and 37 % in nursing home fallers.’
    • ‘All around them there was carnage, with Lance Armstrong one of the many fallers.’
    • ‘Major fallers include Nicola Benedetti, the 18-year-old violinist, whose breakthrough year was in 2004 / 5.’
    • ‘However, once the food was out of the way and everyone was still in their seats, the game opened up and we had our first few fallers.’
    • ‘In the city, insurer Royal & Sun Alliance and financial service group Old Mutual were two of the heaviest fallers.’
    • ‘Alfacalcidol reduces the number of fallers in a community-dwelling elderly population with a minimum calcium intake of more than 500 mg daily.’
    • ‘The fallers in this game, however, have been managers of Scottish senior league clubs.’
    • ‘The heavy fallers this year - Argentina, Italy, France - may not be so conveniently removed from England's path next time around.’
    • ‘Older fallers are less likely to use a hand to break a fall because of declining strength.’
    1. 1.1 A horse that falls during a race, especially at a fence in a steeplechase:
      ‘the horse was one of three fallers in the Novice Chase’
      • ‘Eleven of the 39 starters finished with all of the fallers returning safely to the stables.’
      • ‘Timbera was a faller in last year's race but jockey Culloty had a good feeling about the nine-year-old before the off.’
      • ‘Admittedly, there were two fallers at the second-last fence that day, both of whom looked likely to take a hand in the finish.’
      • ‘The gelding was brought down by a faller at the fifth fence.’
      • ‘‘I heard nothing but good things about the hurdles, and there were no fallers in the timber races,’ he said.’
    2. 1.2 A company whose shares have lost value on the stock market:
      ‘the firm was a notable faller against the general trend’
      • ‘In London, a host of blue-chip stocks fell back with tech, telecom and banking shares among the main fallers in the City.’
      • ‘But if you're a relatively competent stockpicker, selecting shares in solid businesses that are cheaply valued, large fallers are likely to be quite rare and outweighed by occasions when the price rebounds.’
      • ‘he two tech firms were among the biggest fallers, and are now in danger of dropping out of the FTSE 100 when the index is reshuffled next week.’
      • ‘A string of high street names also littered the Footsie fallers board.’
      • ‘Media company shares such as Carlton, which was the FTSE's biggest faller with a 37p drop to 178p, fell on concerns over the impact an economic downturn will have on advertising.’
  • 2North American A person who fells trees for a living:

    ‘he bought a chainsaw and became a faller’
    • ‘How well these fallers buck the timber determines the efficiency of the whole operation.’
    • ‘We really stress the quality and log value to our crews, right from the faller in the woods to the loader operator at the sort, and if everyone does their part we get what we need for the mills.’
    • ‘At one time, the company had its own in-house certified logging instructor who would ensure that the training needs of the 10 or more hand fallers were met.’
    • ‘One hand faller is still on staff to handle some of the larger trees in the steeper terrain, but almost all of the work is done with mechanized equipment.’
    • ‘We can hear the saws of the fallers, still cutting above rock cliffs on the steep mountainside.’