Definition of fallback position in English:

fallback position


  • An alternative course of action that may be taken if the original plan fails.

    ‘it's important to have a fallback position’
    • ‘Although I am a dilettante vegetarian, a thick steak and a sizzling pan will always be a natural fallback position.’
    • ‘If there is a fallback position in regard to the new reactor, we have more than 30 years to plan for it.’
    • ‘The fallback position for the American media when such things occur is simply to ignore them.’
    • ‘In case neither of us was successful, I had already arranged a fallback position.’
    • ‘But in case we do not have that likelihood, I'm trying to recommend a fallback position.’
    • ‘You have to know what you really want and also what your fallback position would be if you don't get what you want.’
    • ‘Now that the election is won, his fallback position is to claim a mandate from the people, which is very difficult to argue against.’
    • ‘If there is a fallback position on which they wish to rely then they should make this clear to the Secretary of State in their submissions.’
    • ‘Often, company-level bargaining was the fallback position during these struggles.’
    • ‘In these cases, numerical methods provide a fallback position for model validation.’