Definition of fall to in English:

fall to

phrasal verb

  • 1(of a task) become the duty or responsibility of.

    ‘it fell to me to write to Shephard’
    • ‘Doctors in the borough are being given the chance to opt out of working evenings and weekends with the responsibility for filling any gaps falling to Hounslow Primary Care Trust.’
    • ‘It may however fall to Clarke to begin uniting the Tory left under Portillo.’
    • ‘I had rather anticipated that Mr Pannick would be doing this, however he is unfortunately detained in another court so the responsibility falls to me.’
    • ‘Doclar would be most displeased with the news, but the duty fell to Kul to inform him.’
    • ‘Perhaps the hardest task of all falls to Korea, who will open proceedings on Wednesday with a game against the defending world champions.’
    • ‘In any event, the task of searching the police national computer fell to Cambridgeshire constabulary.’
    • ‘The task of determining asylum seekers' status falls to the UNHCR.’
    • ‘The huge task of putting this production together falls to director Simon Barry, 49, from London.’
    • ‘So since they can't do it, the duty falls to Bledsoe to take better care of the ball.’
    • ‘On Election Day, the primary responsibility for voter education falls to Election Day workers.’
    • ‘Last night, this thankless task fell to Richard Wilson, who coped magnificently as one would expect.’
    • ‘That duty falls to us, the citizens, by the oath we have sworn, to uphold the principles of democracy and good government.’
    • ‘The task of selling Britain's Dome will now fall to a 34-year-old Frenchman.’
    • ‘Ben had hoped Doc Martin would be available to tend his son, but now found that responsibility falling to him.’
    • ‘Jocelyn, on the other hand, was counting the extra tasks that would fall to her during his leave.’
    • ‘Since Croatia could never leave the Everton forward downcast, the task fell to Eriksson.’
    • ‘If our governments fail to act to end genocide, the responsibility falls to us.’
    • ‘Not for the first time, the task of preserving our ancient freedoms falls to the House of Lords.’
    • ‘They say the whole idea is to recreate another Eden and the task falls to Jurgens Wilson.’
    • ‘Given that the Conservatives and the media cannot finish him off, this task may well fall to the Labour Party itself.’
    be the responsibility of, be the duty of, be borne by, be one's job, be one's task
    fail, be unsuccessful, come to nothing, come to naught, fail to happen, miscarry, abort, go awry, be frustrated, collapse, founder, come to grief
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    1. 1.1 (of property) revert to the ownership of.
      ‘land unclaimed after due notice given falls to the lord of the manor’
      • ‘The family-owned meatpacking business closed more than three decades ago, and the property fell to the county in the late 1990s because of unpaid taxes.’
      • ‘When this manager died, the property fell to all the children.’
      • ‘When he dies, the property falls to Hindley, who treats the former favorite as a servant.’
      • ‘He plans on having the cousins fall in love and marry, so that her property will fall to him when Linton dies.’