Definition of fall into place in English:

fall into place


  • (of a series of events or facts) begin to make sense.

    ‘once he knew what to look for, the theory fell quickly into place’
    • ‘We have found that once a child has cracked mental arithmetic everything else begins to fall into place.’
    • ‘Plans are falling into place and it promises to be one of the biggest events ever.’
    • ‘Still, her true calling was realism, and about eight years ago, things really began falling into place for her.’
    • ‘All you need to do is stay focused and follow your sixth sense, and everything will fall into place.’
    • ‘My disease wasn't progressing much, and my work all fell into place, and I began to get somewhere.’
    • ‘There is too much of the unexpected in a first hearing; after a second hearing things begin to fall into place.’
    • ‘There is a real sense of satisfaction as the pieces of the mystery start to fall into place and make sense.’
    • ‘The programme of events is falling into place.’
    • ‘We get the feeling that despite all of the supernatural events falling into place, despite Beatrice's story being convincing, at some level he did not believe what was going on.’
    • ‘A missing piece of Japan's recent economic recovery is beginning to fall into place.’
    • ‘There are several straws in the wind and the jigsaw pieces have begun to fall into place for a sustained increase in the gold price.’
    • ‘Bit by bit, in the perceptions of ordinary folk, the pieces of this jigsaw are beginning to fall into place.’
    • ‘Things begin to fall into place, and your life becomes a glide instead of a struggle.’
    • ‘We look forward to watching the way the development progresses from here as the pieces in this massive and complex jigsaw begin to fall into place.’
    • ‘I was also comforted to know that in Christ I had ‘new’ life, and things began to fall into place.’
    • ‘Once all of the details start falling into place everything will make sense; I promise.’
    • ‘Greg remained stressed throughout most of it, but as things started to fall into place, he began to calm down.’
    • ‘Sometimes, when things are falling around me, I don't have the patience to sense they might be falling into place.’
    • ‘In recent days, those missing pieces have finally begun to fall into place.’
    • ‘Finally everything falls into place and emerges with a precision so remarkable that it cannot be chance.’
    become clear, come home to one, make sense, dawn, register, get through, sink in
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