Definition of fall in in English:

fall in

phrasal verb

  • Take one's place in a military formation.

    ‘the soldiers fell in by the side of the road’
    • ‘I set off along that familiar walk toward the workshops, the guards falling in behind me.’
    • ‘The first thing soldiers in any army do after being rolled out of bed is to fall in for morning formation.’
    • ‘If you tell your assault team to fall in as you move in on a suppressed enemy, they'll do just that.’
    • ‘A pair of armed guards fell in at a discreet distance as I made my way back to my rooms.’
    • ‘She followed the captain meekly, and two guards fell in beside her, one on either side.’
    get in formation, get in line, line up, take one's position, get in order, get into columns, get into rows
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