Definition of fall apart (or to pieces) in English:

fall apart (or to pieces)

phrasal verb

  • 1Break up, come apart, or disintegrate.

    ‘their marriage is likely to fall apart’
    • ‘I lost a burger down the gap in the grill - the burgers weren't the best quality and fell apart very easily.’
    • ‘Monkfish is the heavyweight contender of the fish world, so strong it can easily be reheated a couple of times without falling apart.’
    • ‘Last time around, many expressways just fell apart, disintegrated after a few months.’
    • ‘This begs for a slow cooked lamb stew where the meat falls apart on your spoon and the potatoes dissolve into a big, meaty broth.’
    • ‘The broccoli tended to fall apart and the snow peas overcooked too easily, so I left them out.’
    fall to pieces, come to pieces, fall to bits, come to bits, come apart, come apart at the seams
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    1. 1.1 (of a person) lose one's capacity to cope.
      ‘Angie fell to pieces because she had lost everything’
      • ‘It is when we cannot manage life, when the level of stress outweighs mechanisms for coping with stress, that we fall apart.’
      • ‘It wasn't just her eating disorder, she began to fall apart in other ways, which at first we thought were typical early teenage behavior.’
      • ‘Though outwardly they maintained a facade of happiness, inwardly they began to fall apart.’
      break down, have a breakdown, go to pieces, fall to pieces, lose control, lose one's self-control, crumble
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