Definition of falconet in English:



  • 1historical A light cannon.

    • ‘The falconets and rockets have the same damage against infrantry...Why use factories to produce rockets if the falconets do the same damage?’
    • ‘When your army is in battle and that army includes falconets, be sure to have your falconets firing on the enemy infantry at all times.’
  • 2A very small falcon of Asia and South America, typically having bold black-and-white plumage.

    Genus Microhierax (and Spiziapteryx), family Falconidae: six species

    • ‘The small falconets hunt the forests of Southeast Asia, Borneo and the Philippines.’
    • ‘Until you spot a long-limbed, regal caracara or a cute, little falconet, you haven't met the whole Falconidae family.’
    • ‘Falconidae contains 11 genera and 64 species, and is divided into two subfamilies, Polyborinae (caracaras and forest-falcons) and Falconinae (true falcons and falconets).’
    • ‘The only confirmed predators of treeswifts are Asian falconets, although there are almost certainly additional predators (snakes, for example, are likely predators).’
    • ‘The true falcons range in size from the tiny falconets and pygmy falcons to the Gyrfalcon. The falconets feed mainly on insects.’


Mid 16th century: from Italian falconetto, diminutive of falcone ‘falcon’, from Latin falco (see falcon). falconet (sense 2) is from falcon + -et.