Definition of falchion in English:



  • A broad, slightly curved sword with the cutting edge on the convex side.

    • ‘The warriors of Klamath were no easy prey either, for they fought with unparalleled skill, bearing elegant scimitars, falchions and glaives.’
    • ‘Darius jerked the falchion from its scabbard and charged.’
    • ‘They tried blades of all shape and size, scimitars, falchions, and even Kaelon's own weapon.’
    • ‘She had seen how skilled he was with his long falchion, but he bore no standard and no armor aside from the leather vest.’
    • ‘His falchion rattled against his side as he ran, still un-drawn.’


Middle English fauchon, from Old French, based on Latin falx, falc- ‘sickle’. The -l- was added in the 16th century to conform with the Latin spelling.