Definition of fakie in English:



  • (in skateboarding or snowboarding) a movement in which the board is ridden backwards.

    • ‘Normally I think a rolling one is easier if you start from a fakie.’
    • ‘The BigSpin is a 360 Shove-It, from a fakie, with a 180 Body Varial in the same direction as the Shove-It.’
    • ‘I didn't even bring my board out of the car; I might have gotten shot for only doing three-flip blunt fakies in the deep end.’
    • ‘Fletcher says its easier to come out of this in a fakie (backwards).’
    • ‘Dude, Kareem Campbell was skating and did a massive kickflip fakie on a quarter pipe.’


  • With a movement in which the board is ridden backwards.

    ‘once you can do it forwards, try it fakie’
    • ‘Laughing she skated fakie, going into a cab, and then into a Makio grind.’
    • ‘‘It pretty much started with a bunch of skiers pushing themselves more and more, who saw snowboarding and wanted to do half pipe and big airs and land fakie,’ Laroche says.’
    • ‘Finally, he puts the front wheels down, his weight centered over the board, and rides away fakie.’
    • ‘He finished the last 90 degrees centered perfectly on his board, rolling fakie, and head for the opposite wall.’
    • ‘As he approaches the end of the box, he begins to turn his body and board another 90 degrees frontside. As he does this, he unweights and gives the tail a little push to get it around, and comes down solidly, rolling fakie.’