Definition of fairyland in English:



  • 1The imaginary home of fairies.

    • ‘‘Please take care not to step on the shadows,’ it asks, as if you were about to enter a fairyland, and, in a way, you are.’
    • ‘The others, many still frightened, listened too, and soon the calmness of her voice and the joy of the tale of such great abundance transformed for all of them this nightmare in the jungle into an enchanted fairyland.’
    • ‘She explained how her parents added a little more each year, and they now had so many lights and decorations the final effect was like a fairyland.’
    • ‘Wondering whether I had reached a fairyland, I kept taking pictures and became lost and found myself separated from my two friends.’
    • ‘There is a fairyland for children at the Schlossplatz and an open-air ice-skating rink is set up in front of the castle.’
    • ‘Holding one in her hand, Song said with a smile: ‘It looks like a fairyland, full of stories.’’
    • ‘The decoration of this clock is made to look like a fairyland.’
    • ‘Large fields of green grassland can be seen, one after anther, from which intense green, red and blue roofs stand out, making the scene look a little like fairyland.’
    • ‘And Tinker takes Pino to her fairyland where the blue fairy turns him into a real boy.’
    • ‘Gowdie speaks frequently of fairies, of meeting the king and queen of fairyland, and of them giving her ‘more meat than I could eat’.’
    • ‘They were before the magical portal that would lead her to the fairyland.’
    • ‘Nursery rhyme was the theme of the second event, and a fairyland was brought alive on stage for this.’
    • ‘She continued to be inventive in her use of materials; some of her work in painted plaster relief and free-standing or hanging plastic, for example, explored a fairyland of imaginary flora and fauna.’
    • ‘I recall a drive outside Delhi on Diwali, and we passed village after village lit up like a fairyland, with hundreds of clay diyas.’
    • ‘I fell down in a swoon, and was carried into fairyland, where I am now.’
    • ‘Another is for some kind of special toilet-training toilet paper and an associated special soap which turn little girls into a princess flying through fairyland in a shower of stardust.’
    • ‘The ballroom, strung up with lights and snowflakes and leaves, looked like a fairyland, but the rest of it was slightly nauseating, the loud, bad music, the couples making out on the dance floor, the bad food.’
    • ‘There are no funds to build a new castle and the inhabitants of fairyland have to do without it.’
    • ‘People travelled from Tipperary, Wexford, Waterford, parts of Kilkenny and Cork to visit this fantastic fairyland put together for the children.’
    • ‘Blake, like the proverbial alchemist, by his illustrations, changes the mundane world into a fairyland accessible to every child that picks up his book!’
    1. 1.1 A beautiful place.
      ‘in the evening the streets become a fairyland’
      as modifier ‘a fairyland castle’
      • ‘Choosing such a setting is creative, it brings a surreal quality, like a fairyland story book.’
      • ‘These deep reefs lay in a murky world, somewhere between day and night, and rocky maws harbor a fairyland of colorful, varied and tightly integrated animals.’
      • ‘Come evening, the whole city wore the look of a spectacular fairyland, with a million bulbs illuminating the streets and shopping areas.’
      • ‘South of this chasm lies the twinkling fairyland that is gastronomic Manhattan, from Jean Georges to Nobu.’
      • ‘It was an undersea fairyland, with profusions of rainbow-laden fish so thick they blocked out the sun.’
      • ‘It was a fairyland of lights wrapped around the palm trees, tables covered with white linen and a musical trio playing softly.’
      • ‘The heavy, brightly painted iron gates in the foreground open into the temple courtyard to make a contrasting frame for the almost fairyland character of the temple itself.’
      • ‘With the soft music in the background, the room seemed alive, and the small, twinkling colored sparks of light turned the room into a fairyland full of stars.’
      • ‘At night, it looks out on a fairyland of Manhattan's glittering lights.’
      • ‘The snow-covered window frames and door lintels added a fairyland flavour to the solemn church.’
      • ‘His wife sits regally with her daughter, both seeming like fairyland characters from A Midsummer Night's Dream.’
      • ‘During the exhibition, a 45-member folk song and dance troupe from Italy will give performances for viewers in the fairyland of lights.’
      • ‘The orphanage she did visit she found positively idyllic - ‘a fairyland,’ colorful, landscaped, neat, and full of laughing children.’
      • ‘It looks like a winter fairyland as its trees and plants are all covered with snow.’
      • ‘From this elevated viewpoint the peaks of the Paine massif appeared as tightly packed turrets in some fairyland castle.’
      • ‘The set, in an atmospheric walled garden of Queens College, is transformed into a fantastic fairyland of sparkling glass raindrops, twinkling lights and looming plantlife.’
      • ‘The snow was perfect as I skied though a fairyland of crystals.’
      • ‘Fashion designers have turned the runway into a fairyland of heavenly creations embroidered with vines and butterflies.’
      • ‘Hannah took off into a fairyland of snowy pines.’
      • ‘What followed was a whirlwind of travel far from their simple bush home and a new life in sophisticated Vienna, a fairyland of enchanting castles and unimagined luxury.’
    2. 1.2 An imagined ideal place.
      ‘this can seem like fairyland in our kind of violent world’
      • ‘And they want us to base our economic policy on this fairyland.’
      • ‘Moral failures don't register on metal detectors, and other proposed fairylands such as eliminating poverty and racism, tighter gun controls, better education, or more therapy are nothing but soothing relief for the crime problem.’
      • ‘Furthermore, is fantasy an adequate political tool or does it lead writer and reader to forget material circumstances whilst indulging in a fairyland where all difference and struggle are dissolved and they all lived happily ever after?’
      • ‘Clearly this ‘clan’ resides in the same delusional fairyland that Hambo is known to occupy on occasion.’
      • ‘Both the criticism and the policy amount to a protest against the intrusion of reality into a fairyland where everyone had the ‘right’ not to get hurt.’
      • ‘I discovered that if I wanted to be able to see and continue to enjoy this fairyland, it would have to be real, which meant true - and truth and reality are not interested in egoism.’
      • ‘In Denmark, the Pacific might seem like a distant fairyland.’
      • ‘There is a certain confidence and strength and a kind of utopian fairyland represented in this painting.’
      • ‘New director Alfonso Cuaron has picked up where Chris Columbus left off, and has twisted Columbus' fairyland into something much darker.’
      • ‘The most gentle shades of pink were reflected in the patterns of hearts and stars which were everywhere; nothing harsh in this fairyland of a room where a little girl could cuddle up and feel really secure.’
      • ‘The men of the twenty-ninth century live in a perpetual fairyland, though they do not seem to realise it.’
      • ‘From here, it seemed dark, but it was that shore known as the bright place, the fields of elysium, the last shore: there, the fairylands of flowers and blowing grasses grew like the hair of the dead in their graves, beneath a sunless sky.’
      • ‘That's when I always felt transported to a fairyland where there were no teachers, no homework, no caning.’
      • ‘A whole summer went by and now it's time to head back to the wonderful fairyland called college, where responsibility is kept to a minimum and partying is a club sport.’
      • ‘Lilavati and Amriti did come but for his ageing parents, London was a faraway fairyland.’
      • ‘But the cusp between a fantasy world and the natural one, between fairyland and Bognor Regis, has fascinated writers and artists for centuries.’
      perfect time, ideal time, wonderful time, moment of bliss, honeymoon
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