Definition of fairy story in English:

fairy story


  • 1A children's tale about magical and imaginary beings and lands.

    • ‘In the study of his north London house a cartoon hangs on the wall showing a mother and father reading a fairy story to their little girl.’
    • ‘Whoever it was that decided to combine (mostly friendly) dinosaurs with a fairy story is a genius.’
    • ‘This year's Christmas production at the Wharf Theatre in Devizes is a musical version of Hans Christian Andersen's fairy story, The Ugly Duckling.’
    • ‘The whale, whether in the fairy story of Pinocchio, the Biblical story of Jonah, or the popular myth of Hiawatha is a monster that devours humans whole.’
    • ‘But this adds one more delightful twist to the whole fairy story: what if Ranieri was right all along?’
    • ‘It's not exactly the childhood fairy story most of us are familiar with.’
    • ‘Coelho's idea might be nice: a fairy story for adults about a simple shepherd boy who learns - from his travels through a fantasy land not far from the reality where we live - to be more in tune in with the world.’
    • ‘As a fairy story, illustrated with children's book animation, it follows tradition - the nice magician and the (not too) nasty magician battle it out for the king and queen's favour.’
    • ‘This fine poem captures the core of our experience of death through striking images, which remain in the mind like a fairy story about evil remains with a child.’
    • ‘Still, this is a fairy story so something magical is bound to occur.’
    • ‘A simple fairy story well told, the movie is well observed, politically and cultural aware without ever risking pretension.’
    • ‘And like the famous Rumpelstiltskin of the fairy story, he's going to stamp his feet in the ground one day, and just plain disappear - for his own good.’
    • ‘It looks so much like a church from a fairy story that I had a hard time listening to the sermon.’
    • ‘It is a delightful re-telling of the fairy story, The Princess and the Pea.’
    • ‘Portia raised her eyebrows, ‘What, do YOU think you live in a fairy story, Lily?’’
    • ‘Using the classic fairy story, director Noreen Kershaw and a supremely talented young cast have created a midwinter night's dream for all ages to savour.’
    • ‘At Opera North in 1999, Francisco Negrin attempted to turn the opera into a fairy story, complete with Fiakermilli as Fairy God Mother.’
    • ‘In 1897 he had completed an unconventional melodrama, Königskinder, to a fairy story by Elsa Bernstein.’
    • ‘She treats me like the rotten stepmother in a fairy story no matter what I say.’
    • ‘Staging an intriguing version of the fairy story Sleeping Beauty with a vast cast of 90 young ballet dancers, aged between eight and 18 years, is an impressive task, writes Christine van Emst.’
    lie, fib, falsehood, story, untruth, fabrication, fiction, piece of fiction, trumped-up story, fake news, alternative fact
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    1. 1.1 An untrue account.
      ‘they deserve honest treatment, not fairy stories’
      • ‘After contacting them, as they never do you, contrary to the agreement, you are treated to apologies and `fairy stories' that it will not happen again.’
      • ‘Of course it does, and the 'fairy stories' turn into lies.’
      untruth, falsehood, fib, fabrication, deception, made-up story, trumped-up story, fake news, invention, piece of fiction, fiction, falsification, falsity, fairy tale, cock and bull story, barefaced lie
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fairy story

/ˈfɛəri stɔːri/