Definition of fairy dust in English:

fairy dust


mass noun
  • Used to refer to a hypothetical substance with magical properties that brings great success, good luck, or happiness.

    ‘their whole life has been sprinkled with fairy dust’
    • ‘Nevertheless, I'd like to share the sparkling fairy dust that she has sprinkled on my head.’
    • ‘The setting sun gave everything a hazy, pink glow and reflected off of Elizabeth's glossy curls like fairy dust.’
    • ‘I take the approach that no amount of design "fairy dust" can transform a poor content site into a successful site.’
    • ‘Every interaction with every human we encounter can transform into an opportunity to spread our fairy dust and the joy inherent in magick.’
    • ‘Although fairy dust can do so much, the rest can only be put down to good old-fashioned chemistry.’
    • ‘Mr Johnson said it was clear from the report that there was no "magic bullet" or "pouch of fairy dust" to tackle the problem.’
    • ‘And they look at me like I just dipped into the fairy dust.’
    • ‘The magic is represented by a lot of tossing about of fairy dust and inexplicable hollering.’
    • ‘It was good to be able to sprinkle a little fairy dust Dad's way.’
    • ‘Never stop dreaming of moonbeams and fairy dust, shiny stars and the wonder of the heavens, a happier life and a better world.’
    • ‘One factor is that the team's cut-rate cast-off offensive line, which had a fabulous season in 2000, has run out of fairy dust.’
    • ‘At the end of each track he extended a hand to sprinkle invisible fairy dust over the crowd.’
    • ‘The fairies created fairy dust to foment, or stir up trouble.’
    • ‘He's dabbled in various spiritual venues and of course, no one sprinkled with the fairy dust of New Age beliefs can be elected president.’
    • ‘Forget the exquisite glossy packaging, with its silver stars and eldritch lights, and forget the generally obtuse lyrics with their references to "fairy dust."’
    • ‘Fairy dust doesn't hurt either; teams are able to spend money without formal approval in the early stages.’
    • ‘When you think of fairies, you think of cute little creatures flittering around spreading their sprinkling fairy dust on everyone.’
    • ‘I want to find magic fairy dust in the tube that I thought contained glitter.’
    • ‘You have to build them slowly over time and scatter them around like fairy dust.’
    • ‘The album ends on a light cheery note and flows into the horizon on a wave of pink fairy dust.’