Definition of fairy cake in English:

fairy cake


  • A small individual sponge cake, usually with icing or other decoration.

    • ‘And with fairy cakes, flapjacks, fruit loaves and flans, the cookery categories offered a mouth-watering selection.’
    • ‘My daughter and I made the reindeer cupcakes: chocolate fairy cakes with a chocolate icing and a glacé cherry for a nose and chocolate antlers, and gave them to her friends along with a Christmas card, much to their delight.’
    • ‘They learned how to set up ingredients and equipment for baking and how to make brown bread, scones, fruit crumble and fairy cakes.’
    • ‘‘We togged out under a stone wall and after the match we sat on the wall and revelled in a bottle of lemonade and a fairy cake,’ he said.’
    • ‘The children were led through games of people bingo, learnt how to breakdance (‘feeling the beat ‘is the expert's tip for success), and had hot milo with fairy cake.’’
    • ‘Asda is selling special fairy cakes topped with pink icing and red hearts, at £1.38 for a pack of six.’
    • ‘Parents at Crudwell C of E primary school, near Malmesbury, were amazed to be told in a newsletter that favourites like fairy cakes and Victoria sponges were no longer acceptable in case the school was sued over food poisoning.’
    • ‘She had my baby brother and me turned out like Shirley Temple and Little Lord Fauntleroy but she had no interest in cooking anything but fairy cakes.’
    • ‘An afternoon spent cooking - John made a gorgeous apple pie with home-made pastry, and I made fairy cakes with white icing and little silver balls on top.’
    • ‘It reminded me of the cook the Christian Brothers used to have who made mountains of fairy cakes and buns.’
    • ‘There are dinosaur shaped biscuits, and fairy cakes scattered with tiny, dinosaur shaped hundreds and thousands.’
    • ‘There were wonderful donations of fairy cakes, chocolate cookies, soft drinks and many other mouth watering items.’
    • ‘A fairy cake was dipped into liquid oxygen and then set alight to show how much energy, and therefore calories, it contained.’
    • ‘His first crime was taking a fairy cake from a shop, then he got into trouble for taking a wee laddie's bike.’
    • ‘If they can't wait long enough to ice fairy cakes, have some extra that can be eaten immediately.’
    • ‘Miss Blue Witch, would you like a fairy cake, I made it myself?’
    • ‘From every kitchen in the village arose the most delicious aromas: apple pies, rabbit and chicken pies, fairy cakes, pancakes.’
    • ‘We had a super turnout from parents and they must have cooked about 1,000 fairy cakes.’
    • ‘With the best will in the world, there is only so much baking of fairy cakes and planting of seeds you can do in your own home.’
    • ‘Yorkshire Cottage Bakeries Group, based in City Road, Bradford - which makes fairy cakes, American muffins and biscuits - has been purchased by the Inter Link Foods group.’


fairy cake