Definition of fair play in English:

fair play


mass noun
  • Respect for the rules or equal treatment of all concerned.

    ‘he's a player recognized for his sense of fair play’
    ‘they were demanding fair play in the allocation of housing and jobs’
    • ‘But it is certainly my call to defend good sense and fair play in public life.’
    • ‘This, Sir David said, will conform to the principles of democracy, openness and fair play.’
    • ‘You stand up for professional values, fair play and justice during a controversy.’
    • ‘He said he was a socialist who believed in justice, fair play and equity and was proud of this.’
    • ‘She was a woman of good nature, generosity and with an inherent sense of fair play.’
    • ‘The debate on terror is a serious one and it needs adult contributions and a commitment to fair play and respect from all involved.’
    • ‘He was a man of honesty and integrity and would give fair play to all sides.’
    • ‘You stand up for justice, fair play and rights and gain respect and admiration of those around you.’
    • ‘He had a great sense of justice and fair play and this was so evident on the football field.’
    • ‘Behind it all there was a sense of decency and fair play and an underlying kindness and compassion.’
    • ‘The rules of fair play must be observed by the minister in allocating the entitlements.’
    • ‘Rules of fair play in men's college basketball may not be what they appear on the surface.’
    • ‘His integrity and sense of fair play extend even to his adversaries.’
    • ‘In the interests of fair play we just need to put you right about a few things before you actually go offending anyone.’
    • ‘So I made my way to our meeting ready to hammer them down, but my sense of fair play niggled at me.’
    • ‘We need to be concerned about the precedent here, and how it affects the rules of democratic fair play.’
    • ‘This is absurd and stands in contradiction to the universal principle of fair play.’
    • ‘Ian's talk will emphasise the importance of honesty and fair play in all aspects of political and social life.’
    • ‘Contrary to what we are led to believe, then, chivalry and a sense of fair play is not a purely western trait.’
    • ‘His sense of fair play was epitomised when, during a match in Italy, he refused to score an easy goal after the goalkeeper was injured.’
    justice, justness, fair-mindedness, equity, equitableness, even-handedness, impartiality, lack of prejudice, open-mindedness
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  • fair play to someone

    • Used as an expression of approval when someone has done something praiseworthy or the right thing under the circumstances.

      ‘he must have decided to bring the children up himself—fair play to him’
      • ‘Obviously there are terminal patients who are comfortable and want to make the best of their final years, so fair play to them.’
      • ‘These writers believe wholeheartedly in what they are writing - and fair play to them - but it does mean that there is no animating tension to make their stories interesting.’
      • ‘Those boys were pushing hard and fair play to them.’
      • ‘But fair play to him, he kept his cool, he didn't get rattled and he played on.’
      • ‘If I run well and they run better, then fair play to them.’
      • ‘I'm normally fairly civil to them - I wouldn't fancy facing the sheer amount of abuse and rudeness they face, so fair play to them.’
      • ‘He promised he would send a team and, fair play to him, he has kept his promise.’
      • ‘He handled it all really well, fair play to him.’
      • ‘Good luck to them, and fair play to them for staying around to applaud the Knights as they lifted the trophy.’
      • ‘I felt if we scored first the pressure might get to Inveraray, but fair play to them, they scored in the opening minute.’


fair play

/ˌfɛː ˈpleɪ/