Definition of fair dinkum in English:

fair dinkum

(also square dinkum, straight dinkum)


Australian, NZ
  • 1Used to emphasize or seek confirmation of the genuineness or truth of something.

    ‘Eric and his assistant are fair dinkum magicians’
    ‘‘Burt's just told me he's packing up in a month.’ ‘Fair dinkum?’’
    • ‘I just regard myself as a fair dinkum, honest person.’
    • ‘Or one featuring a bus using its enormously powerful and technical-sounding engine to drag a rock away so that a fair dinkum Aussie farmer can finish a fence.’
    • ‘I'll buy you the best wedding bouquet in Ballarat — square dinkum, I will!’
    • ‘That's about seven questions, Tony, fair dinkum.’
    • ‘Don't worry about me; I swear to you, straight dinkum, that I am absolutely comfortable.’
    • ‘‘It's fair dinkum, mate,’ said Don, with a straight face.’
    • ‘No, fair dinkum that's what Mr Stanhope said in answer to a question from the ALP's Senator Sue Mackay who had asked how Telstra could justify the new charge, which starts in July.’
    1. 1.1 Used to emphasize that behaviour complies with accepted standards.
      ‘they were asking a lot for the car, but fair dinkum considering its list price’
      • ‘At Albrecht, the crowd was down, but with two neutral umpires centre stage and vital premiership points on offer, play was fair dinkum from the first delivery.’
      • ‘‘We have been making hard decisions to show that this guarantee is fair dinkum, that our low interest rate guarantee is fair dinkum,’ he declared.’
      • ‘Bring on a fresh face to implement the sound policies proposed in the budget-reply speech, and it will be taken as fair dinkum.’
      • ‘But to show just how fair dinkum and innocent of any charges or accusations they are - their lawyers have writs virtually flying out the door that will legally prove the media are liars and character assassins.’
      • ‘I think you'll most probably see a few more unless they really sit down in a fair dinkum manner and say enough's enough.’