Definition of fair copy in English:

fair copy


  • Written or printed matter transcribed or reproduced after final correction.

    ‘he made a fair copy of the letters’
    • ‘It is a fair copy of the Declaration of Independence, one of three surviving copies penned by the optimistic visionary himself.’
    • ‘Twelve years after completion of a fair copy, and six years following her death, the publication of Weiner's Page is opportune.’
    • ‘Ahead of us lies a vote, the preparation of a fair copy of the legislation, the signature by the Governor-General, and the promulgation of this legislation upon the populace.’
    • ‘At last after more than three decades of silence, denials and speculation, the world's best kept secret was out in the open, available for less than a dollar - price of a vanity fair copy.’
    • ‘Please let me know if the Will meets with your approval before I prepare a fair copy for you to sign.’
    • ‘Handel wrote an anthem for the hospital, gave annual benefit performances of Messiah, and bequeathed the organisation a fair copy of the score.’
    • ‘Francis Collins, Shakespeare's lawyer, didn't make a fair copy of his client's will.’
    • ‘When he had made a fair copy of his final draft on a sheet of music paper, he put his guitar aside and switched on his portable computer.’
    • ‘Fortunately it is a generally reliable text, deriving either from a fair copy in Shakespeare's own hand or from an accurate transcript of such a manuscript.’
    • ‘Gone are the days when we used to take dictation from the boss and get back with a typewritten fair copy.’


fair copy