Definition of fair comment in English:

fair comment


  • 1A comment or criticism made without malicious intent and based on accurate information or observation.

    ‘his statement is a fair comment based on observation’
    ‘He notes that the definition changed in the second and subsequent editions. Fair comment’
    • ‘That is a fair comment, yet he gets bowled for telling the truth.’
    • ‘His main argument was to do with the difficulties in scheduling cases and that is a fair comment.’
    • ‘It was a fair comment that some smaller companies were looking to serviced offices as a short term solution while they waited to see what happens in the market.’
    • ‘That's a fair comment, but one which needs closer consideration.’
    • ‘Fair comments or criticism on the facts and thoughts mentioned therein are most welcome.’
    • ‘Under the European Court of Human Right's case law a value judgment must be based on sufficient facts in order to constitute a fair comment under Article 10.’
    • ‘She gave very fair comment on the noise and pollution we have at this intersection.’
    • ‘This is a very fair comment on the style of British statistics during this period.’
    • ‘I think that's a fair comment on my governance style across the board.’
    • ‘I don't think that's a fair comment to make.’
    1. 1.1Law The right to make a comment or criticism without malicious intent if it is based on accurate information.
      ‘his defence pleads justification and fair comment’
      • ‘Fair comment does not provide an escape route in all circumstances.’
      • ‘The newspaper does not necessarily support the views of its columnists but we do support their right to freedom of speech as long as the content is fair comment and stays within legal boundaries.’
      • ‘In actions against the defendant for libel, he pleaded justification, fair comment on a matter of public interest, and qualified privilege.’
      • ‘If the defendant contends that any of the words or matters are fair comment on a matter of public interest, the claimant must serve a reply giving details of the facts or matters relied on.’
      • ‘Fair comment is allowed on matters of public interest.’
      • ‘Earlier last week, the judge ruled the newspaper could not rely on its defence of justification and fair comment.’
      • ‘He was also hauled before a public hearing in February, in which he repeatedly defended the controversial remarks as fair comment.’
      • ‘Britain's highest court is considering what should qualify as "fair comment" after a band brought a libel action against its former agent for remarks made on his website.’
      • ‘Any matter which does not indicate with reasonable clearness but purports to be comment and not statement of fact, cannot be protected by the plea of fair comment.’
      • ‘It is more important that the law is not subverted by those who want to limit the field of free speech and fair comment.’
      • ‘Where to draw the line in comedy and how to differentiate between fair comment and causing offence is always tricky.’