Definition of faint heart in English:

faint heart


  • A person who lacks courage or conviction.

    ‘those faint hearts who have unkindly suggested that we won't win the promotion’
    • ‘A faint heart, though, never won a fair maiden, nor a worthwhile argument, so I'll press on.’
    • ‘This match, in every sense the ultimate test, is not for faint hearts and it is no surprise that the only two to have looked completely at ease are the mighty Shane Warne and Andrew Flintoff.’
    • ‘Her only concern is for understanding the world totally and for those who might be dubious about how realistic this is, she has a reply: ‘What a faint heart!’
    • ‘The Danes are guaranteed a runners-up place at worst, so there will be no room for faint hearts in Copenhagen or Prague.’
    • ‘Munster hurling is tough, no place for faint hearts.’
    • ‘But, of course, you're thinking that those working on editorial pages or writing columns should simply not be faint hearts and, in any case, not mistake the rants of an intolerant few for the views of all readers.’
    • ‘There may be some who envy this kind of lifestyle, but this is no place for faint hearts.’
    • ‘The Brunswick Street end had never been a place for faint hearts.’
    • ‘All I can tell you is, listen carefully to the precise language his folks use because faint hearts make for meticulous wordsmiths.’
    • ‘So let us resist the blandishments of the faint hearts; let us ignore the howls and threats of the extremists; let us stand together and do our duty, and we shall not fail.’
    • ‘The Crystal Centre was no place for faint hearts on Sunday as these two teams threw everything into a bid to advance another stage, and Crystal were still very much in the game as the minutes ticked away.’
    • ‘Britain did not come to a standstill last week - despite the predictions of the doom-sayers and the ministerial faint hearts.’
    • ‘First-class professionals prospered in that hostile environment, while faint hearts fell by the wayside.’
    • ‘But she was happy to use and bolster her own image for party advantage, and that image was of a battling, indomitable leader surrounded by weaklings, faint hearts and compromisers.’
    • ‘The presidential trail in the USA is a mighty tough slog - a good team is essential and there is no way for faint hearts.’


  • faint heart never won fair lady

    • proverb Timidity will prevent you from achieving your objective.

      • ‘Yes, awkward; yes, risky - but faint heart never won fair lady and all that.’
      • ‘"Faint heart never won fair lady," win the advice of a friend to Mr. Child, the son of a brewer, who sought the hand of the lady.’
      • ‘‘Well, faint heart ne'er won fair maiden, or so the sayin’ goes Rennalt, ‘you had better make this one a good one‘.’