Definition of fag end in English:

fag end


  • 1A cigarette end.

    • ‘Our surveys suggest that over 90 per cent of British streets are blighted with matches, fag ends and boxes and the fire service tell us that a quarter of all outdoor blazes are caused by litter and refuse.’
    • ‘He coughed and rested his fag end on the vintage Brylcream lid he used as an ashtray.’
    • ‘Yards away, the taxi rank sits in its very own ashtray of hundreds of discarded fag ends.’
    • ‘A lot of younger people sat in the aisle amid the fag ends, gum and dust.’
    • ‘She curtsied on her way out, and dumped her fag end into Manny's fountain.’
    • ‘The cigar smoker wanted to mark the occasion with his own brand of black humour and had a coffin made for regulars to dump their fag ends and ashtrays into at closing time.’
    • ‘Why can't I walk down the street without seeing people dropping their fag ends on the ground and creating even more litter than there already is?’
    • ‘She knelt a little and replaced their ashtray, which was now full to the brim with smoky ash and fag ends.’
    • ‘She could see stains of ketchup on the table and cold fag ends in the ashtray.’
    • ‘As well as being bad for the health, the habit may be bad for the wallet after new legislation kicked in officially listing fag ends and chewing gum as litter.’
    • ‘We believe the area is a jewel in the crown of the country - but that jewel is tarnished by junk from litter, fag ends and takeaway food containers to abandoned cars, mattresses, carpets, garden rubbish and every other sort of junk.’
    • ‘He uses a narrow stiff bristled brush which isn't very many bristle-rows thick and manages to sweep up fag ends that have been squished into the road by cars and everything.’
    • ‘Public places such as shopping centres, restaurants, pubs and to some extent public transport are affected by smoke pollution and the litter of fag ends on the floor.’
    • ‘People who strew streets with fag ends, chewing gum, crisp packets and the like are hardly likely to change their ways to claim a prize, now are they?’
    • ‘‘Give it here,’ he said impatiently, pulling the cigarette from Ian's mouth and lighting it with his own half-burnt fag end.’
    • ‘I stopped at a lay-by only to see chip papers and fag ends thrown down everywhere,’ he said.’
    • ‘They freely, and without apparent care, stub their fag ends out on the floor, and leave them there.’
    • ‘It annoys me when I see someone drop their fag end on the ground and they're standing right next to an ash tray which Surrey County Council recently installed on a load of lamp posts in Redhill.’
    • ‘Thousands of smokers have today been warned by litterbug enforcers: ‘Don't lob your fag ends out of the car window.’’
    • ‘Stubbing out fag ends in Calderdale's streets is setting back angry smokers £50 a time, following a crackdown by the council.’
    butt, stub, stump, remnant, fragment, vestige
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    1. 1.1 The last part of something, especially when regarded as less important or interesting.
      ‘the fag end of the Indian cricket season’
      • ‘The cinema halls that are to screen the Rajini starrer in the State are kept on their toes even before its release that is likely to be at the fag end of August.’
      • ‘That he has chosen to launch a tirade against politicians at the fag end of his term, raises suspicion that he is out to gain some cheap popularity.’
      • ‘At the fag end of the concert, began the real fun as ‘Chaiyya… chaiyya…’ was belted out.’
      • ‘Urge is a smallish bar at the fag end of K Road, which has recently been smartened up.’
      • ‘In the late summer of 1992, I found myself in England at the fag end of a Pakistan cricket tour.’
      • ‘She pulled off a plum role at the fag end of the year when Mani Ratnam signed her up for his latest Tamil venture, ‘Ayutha Ezhuthu’.’
      • ‘It is well said that the lessons learnt in your teens serve you till the fag end of your life.’
      • ‘I could not watch the game all through but was lucky to be in front of TV in the fag end of the match.’
      • ‘A flurry of resolutions during the fag end of last year saw the city cheer decisions to do away with smoking in public places and a total ban on all forms of chewable tobacco.’
      • ‘As we talked, at the fag end of a drab rainy day, the clouds started to break for the first time, creating a swirl of rose and grey and pale blue over the distant Cracoe Fell.’
      • ‘The Report, released at the fag end of 2003, has stirred a hornet's nest.’
      • ‘The fag end of the month is the time to prepare the ground into ridges and furrows.’
      • ‘Granting of nominal old-age pensions will go a long way in providing security and dignity to the elders at the fag end of their life.’
      • ‘Chewing On Glass is an album absolutely dripping in the soft, dewy sheen of midnight; the kind of music that you murmur to yourself at the fag end of parties and the quiet contemplation of dawn.’
      • ‘The plans and preparations are scheduled beforehand when they come to the fag end of the examination.’
      • ‘After a series of flops, the fag end of the year saw the emergence of some new talents in script writing.’
      • ‘The garden was set up at the fag end of last academic year.’
      • ‘And thus I deftly come to the fag end of my mumblings.’
      • ‘He went on to make thirty-six features, documentaries and short films, making films even when he was pinned to the bed towards the fag end of his career.’
      • ‘At the fag end of her life, she busied her self in charitable work and wished to build a church in Sardana as the replica of St. Peter's Basilica in Rome.’
      stub, end, tail end, remnant, remains, remainder, butt
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Early 17th century (in the sense ‘remnant’): from 15th-century fag ‘a flap’, of unknown origin. The current sense dates from the early 20th century.


fag end