Definition of faddy in English:



  • Having many arbitrary and often unusual likes and dislikes about food.

    ‘a faddy eater’
    • ‘‘I've got my little girl eating fruit now and she's such a faddy eater,’ she said.’
    • ‘Gluten allergies and dairy intolerances may be nothing new in an increasingly faddy world but a dog owner was still astonished to find her pet was allergic to almost everything - including dog food.’
    • ‘Loyd claims not to be a faddy eater - he thinks the Atkins diet is a load of rubbish - but for lunch he orders celeriac roulade without the Bayonne ham, and a tiny plate of dressed crab.’
    • ‘Teatime involved cooking to cater for four different faddy appetites.’
    • ‘Combined with gym-going are often faddy, yo-yo, low-fat diets to reduce body fat.’
    • ‘Either they can afford to chase the faddy food fashions and pay a fortune or they just have a bland unhealthy diet, because they don't know any better.’
    • ‘Meal replacement diets, for example, are all faddy and the problem is that they are all very short-term solutions, as you have a strange drink or food to replace a balanced meal.’
    • ‘But people should realise it's serious and we aren't being faddy or awkward parents when we say our kids can't have certain things to eat.’
    • ‘When there is a conflict between their heart and their head, as there often is in childhood, these children often internalise their feelings, leading to nervous tension, faddy eating and ‘school-itis'.’
    • ‘Some people think its just being faddy but there are serious consequences for people who have these allergies.’
    • ‘Out go faddy diets and restrictive regimes, in comes the kind of delicious and nutritious food that makes you feel great just reading about it.’
    fussy, finicky, difficult to please, hard to please, over-particular, faddish, over-fastidious, dainty, exacting, demanding, selective
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