Definition of face mask in English:

face mask


  • 1A protective mask covering the nose and mouth or nose and eyes.

    • ‘I would never wear a stocking face mask in that heat.’
    • ‘Each volunteer was kitted out in oil spill clean up attire - waterproof jacket and trousers, white over suit, wellingtons, rubber gloves, protective goggles and face mask.’
    • ‘Cotton cloth from an old t-shirt was then sewn to the face mask in order to hold the mask in place and to cover the head and neck of the wearer.’
    • ‘The face mask would certainly help keep your hands away from your nose and mouth, and might also intercept those germs the person next to you is coughing into the air.’
    • ‘The best treatment usually is to breathe oxygen through a face mask for 15 minutes during the headache.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, despite the advantages of the full mask to reduce nasal symptoms, the nasal mask was considered to be more comfortable than the face mask by the patients enrolled in the trial conducted by Mortimore et al.’
    • ‘The patient received ventilation through a face mask while a bronchofibroscope was introduced through the nose.’
    • ‘Jammed in its rear window ledge, the face mask, snorkel, flippers and bottled sun block tells this visiting Canuck's vacation story.’
    • ‘The vapour mixture flowed to the patient via a reservoir bag, delivery tube, expiratory valve (the breathing circuit), and a face mask.’
    • ‘Every now and then you see someone wearing a face mask.’
    • ‘He said he was keeping away from public places where the deadly SARS virus (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) could spread but had not taken to wearing a face mask to protect himself.’
    • ‘A simple face mask or respirator protects installers.’
    • ‘If you cannot take these precautions, you should consider wearing a protective face mask that covers the nose and mouth.’
    • ‘Inside the church, lit for a couple of weeks mainly by candlelight before electricity was restored, were medical supplies, extra face masks, toiletries and clean socks, among other items.’
    • ‘In sports that require a face mask, such as hockey, football, and lacrosse, the athlete must wear eye protectors under the face mask.’
    • ‘He sweated in the sun, in a leather coat and gloves, a hat, and a heavy, protective face mask.’
    • ‘To help with breathing, extra oxygen can be provided through a face mask.’
    • ‘‘I just don't see why I shouldn't try to block an attack if I see an opening,’ complained Nicholas, backing away from the robot and opening his protective face mask.’
    • ‘Try to cover your mouth and nose with a scarf or a face mask if you exercise outside in cold weather.’
    • ‘Now airborne, Fossett will spend those weeks in a closet-sized balloon gondola, equipped with a bench and sleeping bag, breathing oxygen from a face mask.’
    protective mask, gas mask, oxygen mask, fencing mask, iron mask, ski mask, dust mask
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  • 2

    another term for face pack
    • ‘Slather on a hair mask or apply a moisturizing face mask.’
    • ‘Supposedly if you mix these two items together and use it as a face mask for 10 minutes, you'll have moisturized skin.’
    • ‘The five-minute extraction wasn't exactly painful, but it wasn't as pleasant as the rest of the 90-minute facial, which included a Shiatsu pressure point massage, a soothing face mask and a radiance mask.’
    • ‘You can use it to scrub your face or leave it on for a few minutes as a face mask.’
    • ‘Lynni told me the other day that I should really be making my own moisturising face masks.’


face mask