Definition of fabric softener in English:

fabric softener

(British fabric conditioner)


mass noun
  • A liquid used when washing clothes and other laundry to soften the fabric and reduce static.

    ‘the quilt was still lightly scented with the fabric softener she uses’
    count noun ‘always use a fabric conditioner after washing’
    • ‘He reckons fabric conditioner is environmentally-unfriendly, so the towels are so stiff you can snap them in half like a Salada biscuit.’
    • ‘The chemicals are legally permitted and used in a wide variety of products such as washing-up liquid and fabric conditioners.’
    • ‘There are some fabric softeners that besides softening clothes also claim to make ironing easier whereas some claim to make clothes dry faster.’
    • ‘About half of all advertisements show pictures of children - wiping their bottoms with the gentlest lavatory paper, wrapped in towels made soft by fabric conditioner, running in a field made free by some insurance scheme.’
    • ‘Among the banned chemicals are artificial musks used to scent detergents and washing-up liquids and poisonous phthalates - solvents used in polishes and fabric conditioners.’
    • ‘Does the Spring really smell any different from the Summer, and if so, did Mother Nature intend for them to become the basis for separate fabric conditioners?’